Catie’s Thoughts on Procrastination

Journal Entry: October 29, 2021

Well here I’m at the end of another day and I don’t feel like I got anything done. At least nothing that was all that important. Where did the day go? Why do I allow myself get so distracted? Why do I have such a hard time staying focused? I can find more ways to procrastinate than anyone I know. At least I think that’s true. Maybe I’m not the only one with this problem. Everyone else can’t be that organized. 

Catie's Corner Cartoon scrubbing floor behind refrigerator

Being a work from home mom is hard. Your distractions literally follow you around and are at every turn. A dirty kitchen through door #1. A pile of laundry behind door #2. Unpaid bills under this stack. I can’t walk down the hall without tripping over toys, smelling the overflowing litter box, and having the dog follow me watching my every move to see if it’s walk time.

I’ve got to come up with a plan! 

Ok so how about this. What if I write down three things I vowed to get done before I go to bed. Then I’ll clean off my desk of clutter and close my door. I probably should leave my phone in the other room (as long as my task isn’t making calls) and turn off notifications. Then I’ll set my timer for two hours. If I happen to get distracted I’ll ask myself, “Is this really that important that I have to do it right now?” That should stop me in my tracks from going down distraction lane. And last but not least, I’ll tell myself that when the two hours are up I can take a break and go for a walk or have a snack. The kid in me needs something to look forward to.

Now that strategy just might work. Pretty simple but I think if I follow it, it would be effective. But for now I’m going to forgive myself for letting another day pass where I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be. With this cool plan I’ll wake up tomorrow with a whole new perspective.

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