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Catie looks perplexed

Journal Entry: Nov 11, 2021

I came across the other day a definition of discernment and it got me to wondering how often I use my own. Discernment it said was the basically the alignment of logic with intuition. I really liked that way of looking at it but it made me realize that I’m not always very good at using my own discernment, especially when it comes to what comes out of my mouth. I’ve got to get better at being more mindful of what I say. Why do I have this habit of saying the first thing that pops into my mind? It’s like I have no filter. How many times have I said something only to realize ooops I shouldn’t have said that? Or at least not in that way.

 I know I mean well. But my mind goes a hundred miles an hour most of the time and I guess I just get caught up in the momentum of my own thoughts. It’s like I have ADD of the mouth. I guess the good news is people know where I stand. No one can ever say I’m covert. I’m an open book. I’m authentic. Yes, that feels better than feeling like I’m undisciplined or impulsive. Well, I guess I’m a bit impulsive, like that bag I bought the other day on the internet. But I’m impulsive in a good way. My heart is always in the right place. I bought it thinking I’d make it as a gift. One thing I know is that I need to practice slowing my life down in general. I’ve gotta stop acting like a crazed, caffeine induced woman. Come to think of it, maybe cutting back on my coffee would help. lol But seriously, I’ve got to get better at catching myself before I stick my foot in my mouth and then when I do, which I still will sometimes, I need to figure out how to gracefully side step from my faux pas. I’ve got to also be more mindful of catching myself before I hit the send button. My foot gets in my texts and social media posts too sometimes. Oh well, it’s all good. I hope that as people get to know me they learn to take me with a grain of salt. Aren’t we all on this learning curve? I’m just a slow learner in some areas.  I gotta forgive myself for my mistakes. Perfectionism is not the end game. If it is, I might as well just stay I bed.

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