Catie’s Thoughts – Anxiety

Journal Entry: Sept 1, 2021

Lately, my anxiety has really kicked in. It feels like I’m dealing with it on some level 24/7. For years I could process my stress without much problem. I might have gotten agitated and a little snarkier than usual. But anxiety was never debilitating, just annoying. 

Catie lies awake in bed

However, recently I’ve had a really hard time staying positive and my normal perky self. The worse part is that awful and sometimes really scary thoughts will pop into my head for no reason.

When I take the time to slow down and check in with my body, I realize I’m all tensed up. My back and neck are SO tight. I’ll find myself hunched over my computer like a vulture. My posture is like I’m preparing for a shoe to drop but I have no idea what that could be. No wonder I feel anxious. I’m stressing myself out just with the way I think.

One thing I do know, I gotta stop watching the news. That should help a lot. Especially right before bed. It’s nothing but doom and gloom. Even watching the weather has been upsetting lately. Fires, flood, hurricanes! Who needs all that visual programming of destruction. I’d better nip this anxiety in the bud before it gets out of hand. I’ve noticed I’m not sleeping very well lately either, and it’s not like I can explain that to the kids. They’re up raring to go no matter whether I got a good night’s sleep or not. After all, moms can’t call in “sleep deprived” and get a pass. That’ll be the day! lol

Hummm….maybe I should put researching stress and anxiety relief techniques on my “to do list” tomorrow. There’s gotta be a way to calm my nervous system down without having to take a pill. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Just knowing that gives me a little relief and hope that I can find my way back to my old self.

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