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How to Relieve Anxiety With Tapping

Anxiety! Nervousness! Overwhelm! Fear! Any of these emotions sound familiar to you right now? Well, you’re not alone, even though you may feel very alone. Millions are feeling exactly what your feeling. And how about feeling isolated, angry, stuck and even paralyzed? If you’re having any of these feelings you probably want to run away, get out of your body and escape but there’s no where to run, is there? You then might feel like you’re a prisoner forced to stew in all your negative feelings and scary thoughts. Talk about feeling at effect of your own body! Of your

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From Breakdown to Breakthrough – How a Crisis Can Serve Us

As painful as a crisis is to go through, and this pandemic is a doozey, with just a slight shift in perspective you might be able to find something positive from having gone through this experience.  Maybe that’s hard for you to do right now, but let’s try anyway. To start with, did you know that breakdowns within the ecosystem happen in nature on a regular basis? Isn’t a forest fire a kind of crisis?  If you look at the bigger picture, forest fires are nature’s way of clearing out and thinning out the dead underbrush, which in the long

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Taking a Deep Breath

By Stephanie Flanders-Martin With our current stay at home order, due to CoVID, many of us are experiencing a variety of levels of stress. Short term, stress is quite normal, but the long-term effects of stress may lead to high blood pressure, suppressed immune systems, colds and flues, fatigue, insomnia, depression and the list goes on. An effective stress management program includes both coping techniques and relaxation skills. During these uncertain times we may all feel a but uneasy. I know at times I notice the ebb and flow of anxiousness fill my body. It’s in these uncertain times that

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5 Signs Of Hope This Easter

This is going to be an Easter holiday for the record books. Never before have so few people attended an Easter service and yet, at the same time, there will be record numbers of people praying, singing, listening to music and hearing inspirational messages.  Wanting to get a jump start on the holiday weekend, I decided to do my part by sharing my thoughts and spreading my own message of hope and encouragement during this time of fear and discouragement. As the old saying goes, “hope springs eternal,” and my own hope is inspired by watching the human spirit shine

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12 Tips to Help Relieve Family Tension During the Pandemic

Stress and tension are everywhere these days as we each are having to cope with how to live our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially hard on families confined to limited space and varying ages. Healthcare workers might be on the front lines in the hospitals and clinics, but parents are on the home front fighting a different kind of battle. In addition to taking care of their children’s basic everyday needs they are now responsible for protecting them from an invisible enemy that could invade their home from a multitude of unsuspecting carriers.  And on top of

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