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About Catie's Creator

The Creators of Catie's Corner

As you follow Catie you might be curious to learn about Catie’s creators. She actually has two.

Edie at Stonehenge
Edie Sangiorgio

Edie Sangiorgio was a work from home entrepreneur herself and that is what gave her the idea to create Catie. Her children are now grown and in their 20’s but she never forgot the frustrations and challenges of raising a family and pursuing a career from home.

Catie gets to say all those things that Edie has wanted to say for years about her journey of trying to balance work and a family. You could think of Catie as her alter ego. Like Catie, Edie is a writer by nature and the heart and soul of the wit and perspective you’ll find in Catie’s Corner.

Edie comes from a family in the healing arts, more specifically the medical profession of doctors and nurses. Unable to deal with blood and needles (needles literally make her faint) she gravitated to the emotional side of healing and deal with tears instead.

She has certifications in emotional healing techniques such as The Emotion Code and Emotional Freedom Technique, better known as tapping.

You’ll find her blogs at www.inlightenup.com and her work with tapping at www.tappingwithedie.com.

Claudio working on Catie cartoon

Catie’s other creator is Claudio. Edie met Claudio through an online resource for artistic services. Edie was looking for an artist to help bring Catie to life and the universe brought Claudio and Edie together.

Claudio is Argentian and he moved to Sõa Paulo in 1985. He married a Brazilian girl in. He has two sons, ages 26 and 31. Claudio is a talented portrait artist who loves doing caricatures at events such as at kid and adult birthday parties, weddings and corporate events, as well as in public settings such as in shopping malls, fairs and conferences. He also creates caricatures of people’s headshots to use for business purposes such as on brochures, business cards or as a profile picture on internet sites.

Please go to www.caricaturasclaudio.wixsite.com/meusite to see more of Claudio’s work. If you’d like to contact him directly his email address is caricaturasclaudio@gmail.com.

The Purpose of Catie's Corner

We are living in an amazing time in history, wouldn’t you agree? Never before have so many people been ready for more self reflection and ready to work on trouble spots and tend to the wounds that have caused them pain and held them back from being their best.

Even though Catie’s main purpose is to bring a little light heartedness and laughter to your day Catie will introduce topics through her wit and humor that illuminates some areas in your own life that might need more of your attention.

Some of the cartoons will have links to blogs where you can read Edie’s personal perspectives on these topics. She is here to give you a nudge to explore these areas further. When you visit Catie’s Corner you will have the option. Laugh when you just want to laugh. Explore when you’re ready to dive further.

We’re each on our own journey, on our own path, on our own quest of becoming who we were met to become. Catie is here to help lighten you up as make your own journey of self discovery.

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