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Perfectionism is a cruel master. It leaves little room for doing something for the pure joy of it. It’s a breeding ground for insecurity.

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I find it very interesting (and also confusing) how my confidence level can fluctuate so drastically. One day I’m on top of the world and feel like I am queen of the mountain, ready to tackle anything. Nothing can topple me over. And then the very next day, or even the same day, I’ll have some stupid doubt ridden thought and I can literally feel my energy and enthusiasm and confidence just drain out of me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!

Catie's Self-Care Tips

Say positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror.
“I am enough for what I need to do today.”

Did you know...

Procrastination can be a sign that someone is afraid of failure and is being too perfectionistic.

What if...

I could find ways to ease my anxiety naturally?

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