Catie standing in field of sunflowers

Catie's Corner

Catie's Family

A work-at-home-mom-and-entrepreneur.
Bringing you smiles and laughter to help you face these challenging times!

Catie is holding her sick baby
Catie is sitting in her chair petting her cat
Catie is standing in a room full of other entrepreneurs
Catie is driving getting off at an exit
Catie sits under a blanket with her knees drawn up to her chest
Catie is putting on eye makeup
Catie is changing the baby's diaper
Catie holding up her headshot picture
Catie and her family have a playful pillow fight on the bed
Catie watches Brady hold a dead goldfish over the toilet
Catie struggles to button her tight jeans
Catie sitting at her desk surrounded by piles of paperwork
Catie does squats while brushing her teeth
Catie sitting at her desk
Catie grabs husband's shirt
Catie is in the Star Trek transport chamber room
Catie & family in the family car dropping off a birthday present
Catie sitting on couch with kids
Catie's computer service man sitting at Catie's desk
Catie sitting in chair
Catie and Husband sitting on couch with big bellies
Catie and husband walking
Catie learning how to tap via a video coach
Catie at kitchen table with empty ice cream cartons


How to Relieve Anxiety With Tapping

Catie sitting at desk
Family sitting on couch watching TV
Catie looking in mirror
Catie - What if I could have a more positive perspective
Catie and Brady have video call with Aunt Sophie
Catie sitting on meditation mat

Guest Blog:
Stephanie Flanders-Martin
Taking a Deep Breath

Catie and family watch Easter service on TV
Catie showing husband tee shirt
Catie washing hand with son
Family sitting on the couch watching TV
Catie's husband is hugging Catie from behind
Catie's Corner kids fighting
Son puts masks on pets

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